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Eleven governments and about four decades of attack

Eleven governments and about four decades of attack

The adventure of the governments after the Revolution is a strange story with no end contrary to all stories. If we consider the attack on the three first governments influenced by the foreign and newly-founded currents of the Revolution, we should regard the attack on the next governments mostly influenced by the foreign currents.

The fact that conspiracy has been organized for us is not an illusion, but if we disregard the contribution of domestic agents and consider others guilty for everything, we have created another kind of illusion, since, this assumption negates our role and influence on affairs, giving others a legend power.

We have an illusion that each elected government is sometimes right and left and accused of all types of inefficiency. In our culture, there is one zero and one hundred view, therefore, we have not learnt to see both positive and weak points. There are also more hostile criticism and accusation rather than gratefulness for the provided services. In addition, competitors in different arenas, blacken nonreligious systems to get their rivals out of the stage.

Eleven governments and about four decades of attack

By taking a glance at the history of the elected governments, what country blackens all their preceding governments in this way?

If all the elected governments have been involved in theft, two states can be imagined, either our structure is wrong so that the way to theft, embezzlement and betrayal is open for everybody or God forbid we are a … nation.

We cannot accept the second assumption because it involves us, therefore, the first assumption is more accepted.

In an immune and vaccinated, virus cannot easily penetrate. On the contrary, in an unhealthy structure, a healthy man can be debilitated in the long term in spite of his own resistance. The fact that we easily blacken each government shows the blackness of the structure as the result of the blackness of our mind manifested in the different stages of our life.