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Losing the Men

Losing the Men

In answer to one of the Sociology Professors on “Losing the Men”

Dr. Sousan Safaverdi, women’s and human rights activist:

Hello, unfortunately the truth and the reality we face have a great difference, that is expected not to go unnoticed by the sociologists. In a country that gender orientation is applied in many levels in an obvious way and even if it’s not applied people’s insights to this matter results to gender orientation being applied again. This experience of yours is understandable and in many cases it shows the over the limits commitment from women that results to men being indifferent. But the truth is the idea of male being superior is planted in the minds of the men you considered lost and it is here, that this culture has been so rooted in that gender specifies superiority, not humanity or worthiness.

In our society these lost men (which even I consider the powerful ones, not the weak and the bully) need to prove the torment of women, when men can only be arrogant, and have the support of the judiciary, legislative, and cultural systems on there side. To the point that even a 100 years old woman needs permission from her husband, regardless of her being the most capable person in her life. And the worst torment is as soon as she sounds a complaint, thousands of insults like infidelity, feminism, and … floods toward her.