First name: sousan

Last name: Tagh safaverdi

Date of birth: 1960/3/6

Place of birth: Iran, Tehran

Degree: PhD

Philosophy student of  Hidelberg College  in Germany (Unfinished educated)

Under graduated degree: German language translation (Tehran University)

Graduate degree: Teaching German language (Azad University)

PhD: Political Science (Tajikistan National University , Dushanbe)

Political Science Professor Assistant in Azad University central Branch Being Fluent in English and  German Languages

Living 16 years in abroad  and attending in International meetings in 30 countries  of  the World.

 Governmental Executive Positions

Deputy of Coordinator and International Cooperation Center for Women and Family Affairs of Presidency

Member of peace committee of Iran Sociology Association

Head of the women presidential affairs office of  Non-Islamic countries.(1996-1998)

۲٫Producing A German program (Mavosh-ha) extraterritorial.(1997-1998)

۳٫A manager of women affairs office , ahle-beyt International Assembly.(1998-1999)

Vice-president coordinator for International women affairs Center.(2011-2013)

۵٫The Head of co-ordination Council between International four chosen heaven religions ladies.(January, 2011)

Secretary of women and human rights specialized session.

Secretary for freedom of speech or brain storming public thoughts specialized session.

Non-governmental Executive Positions

Establishing the first field anti-addiction center in Shemiranat district.

A founder member of Islamic Association of Clasthall in Germany in 1995

A founder member and secretary-general of International ahle-Beyt-Following (alyhe-al-salam) in Women Association

A member of women affairs commission central council .

A member of vice-president central council of international network of non-governmental organizations (2002-2010).

A founder member and secretary-general of Mehrvarzane Solh va Edalat Jahani (Peace Advocates and Global Justice Center.

Secretary of International Conference on Women’s Peace of Divine Religions

Red Crescent Peace ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran (2007)

Written Works

The Preparation of Global Peace.

Rastakhiz Dar Tariki (Resurrection in Darkness), two volumes, Riyasat Jomhori Publications, Women and Family Affairs Center.

Bisto Haft Sa’at Forodgahe John F. Kennedy (Twenty Seventy of John F. Kennedy Airport (Persian and English) Shahre Osole Hava Publications, Kamal al-Molk Publications.

What is Islam? (Written in German), Islamic Azad University Publications.

Main Election Campaigns.

Political Field: Law and morality-orientation

Economic field: Employment-generating, supporting entrepreneurship and creativity in economy, fighting against economic corruption

Cultural fields: Reviving and developing original Iranian culture and civilization, Islamizing and reinforcing cultural entrepreneurship

Women fields: Reforming the belief and attitude to woman and removing discrimination and ratifying laws contributing to greater security for women

 Art fields: Ratifying law for meeting social security, insurance and job security, supporting artists in the field of Iranian art development (cinema, poetry, music, handicrafts, carpet etc.

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