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In the Name of God
We have breaking news this hour regarding journalist and Press TV news anchor Ms. Marzieh Hashemi.

We have been informed of her arrest and imprisonment in Washington DC. The reasons for her arrest remains unclear, although no formal charges have been pressed against her.

Ms. Hashemi who had been traveling within the United States to visit with her ill brother and other relatives was detained in a Saint Louis airport on Sunday, and has now been transferred to a Washington DC facility by the FBI.

Relatives had been unable to contact Ms. Hahemi for over 48 hours, and only recently learned details about her detention.

Even though there are no charges against her, Ms. Hashemi informed family members of her ill treatment in the prison facility. She described her hijab having had been removed against her will and that she is being treated as a criminal even though there are no charges against her. The prison officials have also denied her access to halal or vegetarian dietary options for the past few days, only serving her meals with meat which she has refused to eat. She mentioned that she had only been able to eat Pretzels and bread.

Keep in mind, that Ms. Hashemi who was born in the United States is an American citizen, who has not been found guilty of any crimes. She is a journalist here at Press TV and we will certainly be following up on her situation as we learn more.

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Saudi Arabia, Israel Likely behind Attack on Iran’s Consulate: US Analyst

Saudi Arabia, Israel Likely behind Attack on Iran’s Consulate: US Analyst

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A former US army psychological warfare officer said a recent attack on Iran’s consulate in the city of Basra in Iraq is an attempt to cause a rift between Iran and Iraq, adding that it was most likely carried out by provocateurs paid by mercenary agents from Riyadh and Tel Aviv.
“This (attack on Iran’s consulate) is also an attempt to create tension and hostility between Iraq and Iran by trying to deceive Iran into thinking that Iraqi citizens are attacking Iran, when in fact these provocateurs are most likely paid mercenary agents from Saudi Arabia and Israel,” Scott Bennett, from San Francisco, told Tasnim on Saturday morning.

Scott Bennett is a US Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command), and a global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst, formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. He received a Direct Commission as an Officer, held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) security clearance, and worked in the highest levels of international counterterrorism in Washington DC and MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. He has developed and managed psychological warfare theories, products, and operations for US Special Operations Command, US Central Command, the State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism, and other government agencies.

His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Spanish Minor from San Jose State University in California, a Master of Arts in International Business and Public Policy from George Mason University in Virginia, and a Ph.D. (ABD) in Political Theory from the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. He currently resides in California.

The following is the full text of the interview.

Tasnim: One protester died and 11 more were wounded during demonstrations in Iraq’s second biggest city Basra on Friday, local security and health sources said. What’s your take on the demonstrations?

Bennet: This appears to be part of a psychological operation designed to distract attention away from Idlib, Syria and movements of US and NATO forces and their terrorist mercenaries, as well as their potential chemical weapons false flag attack which would be used by the United States and NATO to justify an attack upon Syria, which the Russians and the Iranians and the Syrian leadership have been warning the world about over the past few days. Most likely this internal protest and disruption operations are being conducted by Saudi Arabian and Zionist Israeli Mossad spies infiltrating the areas.  The goal of the operation is to secretly facilitate some “chemical weapons” or other military or terrorist strike or event by distracting the world with a different event at a separate location. This different “event” or distraction operation is designed to generate sufficient “noise and smoke and screams” so that the world turns its attention away from the Idlib, Syria territory, and is caught by surprise when the real event is unleashed—most likely a false-flag chemical attack executed by the White Helmets or other terrorist organizations in Idlib. It may even be an attempt to distract in order to execute an “assassination” of President Bashar Assad of Syria, as has been suggested by certain Western leaders in the past.

This unrest is also intended to distract attention away from the diplomatic talks between Iran, Russia, and Turkey and the Syrian settlement process. It is also intended to distract attention away from the nonsense and hypocrisy and lies being put forth by US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and the United Kingdom UN Ambassador, who are engaged in a joint full-scale propaganda campaign against Russia (using the Skripal poisoning false flag event) and Iran.

This potential false flag chemical attack is also an attempt to provoke President Donald Trump into engaging in a military strike against Syria, and overthrow President Bashar Assad.  Ironically, however, this most likely would lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump as a “war criminal”, since the Democrats would use this “military response” by President Trump as an act of “unconstitutional declaration of war” and justify his removal from office.  Additionally, American public support for President Trump would drop drastically because it would be seen as an unforgivable act of betrayal against the American public, since the vast majority of Americans voted for Trump because of his promises to remove the United States from Syria, and repair diplomatic relations with Russia. Any US military strike against Syria in response to a false flag chemical attack would effectively be an act of war, and such an act that was revealed to be orchestrated by terrorists as a deception operation, would effectively  establish Trump’s judgment as intolerably handicapped and require his removal; or disqualify Trump from remaining as President due to his intentional participation in a deception operation against the American public and a violation of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948—which forbids targeting the American public with propaganda or deception operations by the US Government or military.

Tasnim: Protesters stormed the Iranian consulate in Basra, setting it on fire. The Iranian consulate’s building was not the first to be set on fire. The angry demonstrators had earlier set government buildings ablaze as well. It seems that attempts are underway to distort the image of Iran among Iraqis and also drive a wedge between Tehran and Baghdad. What do you think?

Bennet: The plan most likely is to both distract attention away from Idlib, Syria, and destabilize the Iraqi regime because of its close relations and support for Iran and the economic relationship Iraq and Iran have been cultivating in response to the US sanctions.

This is also an attempt to create tension and hostility between Iraq and Iran by trying to deceive Iran into thinking that Iraqi citizens are attacking Iran, when in fact these provocateurs are most likely paid mercenary agents from Saudi Arabia and Israel. Since Saudi Arabia and Israel have admitted to providing financial support, weapons, and medical help to Wahhabi terrorists in Syria, they would easily direct come of these agents to conduct similar operations in Iraq in an attempt to destabilize Iraq and damage its relationship with Iran.

Tasnim: Some other reports suggest that it is a plot orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, the US and members of the former Iraqi regime’s Ba’ath Party to undermine Hashd al-Sha’abi and other popular forces that helped defeat Daesh in the Arab country. Do you believe so?

Bennet: It is logical to assume that there are pro-Western agents in Iraq that are Sunni sympathizers and seeking to replace the Shiite dominant government in Iraq and restore the original Sunni-Ba’ath party.

Saudi Arabia is losing in its war against Yemen, which the world is increasingly seeing as a “war crime”. Consequently, the US is being pressured to abandon its support role for Saudi Arabia as the American people become increasingly aware of the campaign of genocide which Saudi Arabia has been conducting, and which the United States may easily be considered a “war crime” partner in. Additionally, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is being criticized as mentally unstable and unsuitable to lead Saudi Arabia by other princes and Royal Family members in the House of Saud. Also Turkey and Qatar are switching sides and seemingly becoming closer to Russia and Iran—which is greatly upsetting to the Western globalists and neoconservative warmongers such as John Bolton, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, and other war fanatics in the US Congress.

This psychological operation seems also designed to distract attention away from the current domestic political events in the United States, which many are citing as the beginning of the next “Civil War” in America. Every day in America, the American people are discovering that for the past two (2) years, the American government, and specifically the intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the US (the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the State Department) have been conducting an attempted coup d’état against American President Donald Trump, and the American public and Congress are calling for investigations and prosecutions for crimes against the American people and the Constitution.

This potential domestic disturbances and social uprisings in America are becoming increasingly seen as a kind of “Civil War”. This domestic instability is growing in tension, and this internal tension is pulling the United States government’s attention from the Middle East, and towards its own domestic problems. Consequently, the Zionist and Saudi spies, working in concert with the US, CIA and British MI6, are attempting to shift attention back to the Middle East, in order to try to breath new life into the old failed Western policy of regime change against Syria—and not against Iraq and Iran.

Thankfully, Russia, Iran, and China seem unwilling to allow this false flag attack to continue and would react to any US-NATO-Israeli-Saudi military response with an overwhelming counter-attack, which would include the complete destruction of the entire US Naval fleet in the Mediterranean and the elimination of every US-NATO soldier in the territory of Syria.

Some facts about the Persian Gulf

Some facts about the Persian Gulf

In the year 2004, “the Persian Gulf” naming dispute was the subject of a successful Google bomb by hundreds of Iranian bloggers and webmasters. The search for the word Arabian Gulf then led to a spoof error page. As of today, it is still one of top search results on Google. About: The name of the body of water separating the Iranian plateau from the Arabian Peninsula is historically and internationally known as “the Persian Gulf”.

Since 1960s, this naming convention has been disputed by some Arab countries. This topic has become a hot debate in the past few decades. Let’s examine 8 facts about this dispute that you probably did not know. — Background: On almost all maps printed before 1960, this body of water is known by the name “Persian Gulf”. The United Nations, USA and UK officially recognize “The Persian Gulf” as the name for this body of the water. Arab countries also used the term “Persian Gulf” until the 1960s. However, after the rise of Arab nationalism, there has been widespread use of terms “Arab Gulf” or “Arabian Gulf”. Alternative names: After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, some suggested the use of “Islamic Gulf.” The idea was abandoned after Iran was invaded by its mostly Arab neighbor, Iraq, in 1980. BBC, Economist and” The Time Atlas of the World” have used the term “The Gulf” in the recent years. Iran does not consider the use of the term “The Gulf” as an impartial usage. Foreign airlines which do not use the term “Persian Gulf” are banned from Iran’s airspace! US Military of Australian military, however, have used the terms “Arabian Gulf” or “Gulf” in recent years. Branches of American universities in the region have also dropped references to “Persian Gulf” in their teaching materials. Since 2004, Iranians celebrate The National Persian Gulf Day on April 30th to mark the importance of the “Persian Gulf”. — In the year 2004, the Persian Gulf naming dispute was the subject of a successful Google bomb by hundreds of Iranian bloggers and webmasters. The search for the word Arabian Gulf then led to a spoof error page. As of today, it is still one of top search results on Google.

In the nonsense of treatment of the addicts

In the nonsense of treatment of the addicts

In the nonsense of treatment of the addicts

Because of large profits, addiction to drugs has always been a hard issue to deal with in the world that has been proven that none of the new ways of the war on drugs is effective. But in this nonsense of war with this unholy business, one way has shocked everyone, the way of removing the middle man such as the dealers to remove the addicts from other troubles and dangers. And that is easy and convenient access to drugs.

It would be great that the records and surveys about the success of this method about the reduction of the drug itself and the related diseases to create a roll model for others to try this.

But there’s an ever present question, the governments that eliminate the middle man, how will they provide their drugs for the addicts?

Girl’s day

Girl’s day


Girl’s day

And any other day that receives a name to be special, is an opportunity to see something differently.

And Girl’s day should be a new perspective for “seeing a different way”.

If all men viewed the other girls in the way they view their own daughters, how much abuse, prejudice, and violence would have been removed from the world?

The Responsive Leaders

The Responsive Leaders

مديران پاسخگو
يكي از جالب ترين بخش خبر در اخبار بيست و سي ، دنياي صد و هشتاد درجه متفاوت “مردم و مشكلات ” و ” مديران و جواب هاست”.
وقتي دوربين درد مردم را از طريق تصويرحقايق زندگي روزمره انان در بخش هاي مختلف نشان مي دهد و صداي انان را پخش ميكند ،مديران اجرايي با شجاعت تمام به ميدان مي ايند و براي “همه چيز” چنان پاسخي كوبنده دارند ،كه گويي مردم مصاحبه شونده متعلق به كره ايي ديگر و سرزميني ديگر بوده اند.
خدا را شكر مديران ما در هر زمينه ايي غفلت داشته باشند، در زمينه پاسخگو بودن در تمام ادوار الگويي تمام و كمال هستند!!!!

The Responsive Leaders

One of the most interesting things in the news is the different world of “people and their problems” and “the responsive leaders”.

When the cameras show the reality of the people’s lives in different situations and airs their voices, executive leaders show up bravely on the scene and have such harsh response that one might think these poor people are not from our lands.

Thank god that if our leaders lack involvement in any field, at least they come to spotlight to say something to make themselves look good!!!

Forsaken humanity

Forsaken humanity


Forsaken humanity!

The unfortunate scenes of innocent corpses on the ground from men, to women and the children, shows the evil that disguised itself as human beings that are capable of such monstrosity. Days where human rights didn’t have wolves disguised as sheep, and ethics was the scale for humanity, chivalry in war was acknowledging the women and the children and any other civilian, and even not to stab your enemy from the back, these where passed along and it was what made “knights and nobles”.

But today ruthlessness, violence, execution, betrayal and mass murder is the title “forsaken humanity” that shall leave a mark in the history, that will destroy anyone’s conscience.

The human society, has turned into the wolves society, that even at night you have to sleep with one eye open to be able to defend yourself against the next door wolf!!!

Patriarchal society and women’s rights

Patriarchal society and women’s rights


Patriarchal society and women’s rights

It has been many years that they make insignificant things as the real issues and close their eyes in the hundreds of abuses that women receive in this society.

So many times her body has been bruised and the fight has been so serious that the police was involved.

They say she’s crazy, it’s not her fault!!

Under the mental and financial pressure, she struggled and tried to get a job, but every time a man comes along that his wife has started working without his permission, so he abuses her and other’s only reaction is that “it’s her husband, he has the right”!

And woman with all the knowledge and capability in the science of theology and under all this prejudice in a god father society, can not get her divorce while she’s been kicked out of her house.

She has to prove that her husband is sick, but which man would go to a doctor to prove he’s sick with his own two feet?

Woman needs a proof that even in the best case scenario it is impossible.

Needs food for the night and doesn’t have any shelter.

Then these so called “men” are worried about the women going to the stadiums.