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Some facts about the Persian Gulf

Some facts about the Persian Gulf

In the year 2004, “the Persian Gulf” naming dispute was the subject of a successful Google bomb by hundreds of Iranian bloggers and webmasters. The search for the word Arabian Gulf then led to a spoof error page. As of today, it is still one of top search results on Google. About: The name of the body of water separating the Iranian plateau from the Arabian Peninsula is historically and internationally known as “the Persian Gulf”.

Since 1960s, this naming convention has been disputed by some Arab countries. This topic has become a hot debate in the past few decades. Let’s examine 8 facts about this dispute that you probably did not know. — Background: On almost all maps printed before 1960, this body of water is known by the name “Persian Gulf”. The United Nations, USA and UK officially recognize “The Persian Gulf” as the name for this body of the water. Arab countries also used the term “Persian Gulf” until the 1960s. However, after the rise of Arab nationalism, there has been widespread use of terms “Arab Gulf” or “Arabian Gulf”. Alternative names: After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, some suggested the use of “Islamic Gulf.” The idea was abandoned after Iran was invaded by its mostly Arab neighbor, Iraq, in 1980. BBC, Economist and” The Time Atlas of the World” have used the term “The Gulf” in the recent years. Iran does not consider the use of the term “The Gulf” as an impartial usage. Foreign airlines which do not use the term “Persian Gulf” are banned from Iran’s airspace! US Military of Australian military, however, have used the terms “Arabian Gulf” or “Gulf” in recent years. Branches of American universities in the region have also dropped references to “Persian Gulf” in their teaching materials. Since 2004, Iranians celebrate The National Persian Gulf Day on April 30th to mark the importance of the “Persian Gulf”. — In the year 2004, the Persian Gulf naming dispute was the subject of a successful Google bomb by hundreds of Iranian bloggers and webmasters. The search for the word Arabian Gulf then led to a spoof error page. As of today, it is still one of top search results on Google.

Girl’s day

Girl’s day


Girl’s day

And any other day that receives a name to be special, is an opportunity to see something differently.

And Girl’s day should be a new perspective for “seeing a different way”.

If all men viewed the other girls in the way they view their own daughters, how much abuse, prejudice, and violence would have been removed from the world?

The Responsive Leaders

The Responsive Leaders

مديران پاسخگو
يكي از جالب ترين بخش خبر در اخبار بيست و سي ، دنياي صد و هشتاد درجه متفاوت “مردم و مشكلات ” و ” مديران و جواب هاست”.
وقتي دوربين درد مردم را از طريق تصويرحقايق زندگي روزمره انان در بخش هاي مختلف نشان مي دهد و صداي انان را پخش ميكند ،مديران اجرايي با شجاعت تمام به ميدان مي ايند و براي “همه چيز” چنان پاسخي كوبنده دارند ،كه گويي مردم مصاحبه شونده متعلق به كره ايي ديگر و سرزميني ديگر بوده اند.
خدا را شكر مديران ما در هر زمينه ايي غفلت داشته باشند، در زمينه پاسخگو بودن در تمام ادوار الگويي تمام و كمال هستند!!!!

The Responsive Leaders

One of the most interesting things in the news is the different world of “people and their problems” and “the responsive leaders”.

When the cameras show the reality of the people’s lives in different situations and airs their voices, executive leaders show up bravely on the scene and have such harsh response that one might think these poor people are not from our lands.

Thank god that if our leaders lack involvement in any field, at least they come to spotlight to say something to make themselves look good!!!

Patriarchal society and women’s rights

Patriarchal society and women’s rights


Patriarchal society and women’s rights

It has been many years that they make insignificant things as the real issues and close their eyes in the hundreds of abuses that women receive in this society.

So many times her body has been bruised and the fight has been so serious that the police was involved.

They say she’s crazy, it’s not her fault!!

Under the mental and financial pressure, she struggled and tried to get a job, but every time a man comes along that his wife has started working without his permission, so he abuses her and other’s only reaction is that “it’s her husband, he has the right”!

And woman with all the knowledge and capability in the science of theology and under all this prejudice in a god father society, can not get her divorce while she’s been kicked out of her house.

She has to prove that her husband is sick, but which man would go to a doctor to prove he’s sick with his own two feet?

Woman needs a proof that even in the best case scenario it is impossible.

Needs food for the night and doesn’t have any shelter.

Then these so called “men” are worried about the women going to the stadiums.

Losing the Men

Losing the Men

In answer to one of the Sociology Professors on “Losing the Men”

Dr. Sousan Safaverdi, women’s and human rights activist:

Hello, unfortunately the truth and the reality we face have a great difference, that is expected not to go unnoticed by the sociologists. In a country that gender orientation is applied in many levels in an obvious way and even if it’s not applied people’s insights to this matter results to gender orientation being applied again. This experience of yours is understandable and in many cases it shows the over the limits commitment from women that results to men being indifferent. But the truth is the idea of male being superior is planted in the minds of the men you considered lost and it is here, that this culture has been so rooted in that gender specifies superiority, not humanity or worthiness.

In our society these lost men (which even I consider the powerful ones, not the weak and the bully) need to prove the torment of women, when men can only be arrogant, and have the support of the judiciary, legislative, and cultural systems on there side. To the point that even a 100 years old woman needs permission from her husband, regardless of her being the most capable person in her life. And the worst torment is as soon as she sounds a complaint, thousands of insults like infidelity, feminism, and … floods toward her.

Syria’s chemical bombings, reminder of the bitter days of Halabja

Syria’s chemical bombings, reminder of the bitter days of Halabja

I remember clearly, when innocent people were burning and the corpses of men, women, and children became the new pavement in the streets, the western medias released the news in such manner that apparently Iraq has used chemical bombs, and later on trying to avoid questioning the Iraqi government, their own ally, they blamed the attack on Iran; that Iran was the one that used chemical bombs. Until this chaos took a different course when Iraq invaded Kuwait. And now Saddam, America’s ally, the savior of Arabs that was named Sardar Qadisiyeh, had become a sadist and a war criminal who by using chemical bombs in Halabja has committed genocide.

The statements above were the flow of news about the war between Iran and Iraq and in general The Gulf War that I was hearing while I was residing in Germany.

Syria’s chemical bombings, reminder of the bitter days of Halabja

And again, leaders of the countries that started the first and the second World War for selfish reasons and added a new chapter in their history records of not only ruining the lives of millions with their colonialism but also their own people that lead to more than fifty million dead when they started another “World War”. All of the players from those days are still playing in this game, but the real winner is the Zionist government that has been taking ransom for its birth from all the countries in the region. And most of all they’re in debt to the Great Britain and their biggest ally the Vahabi’s Saudi that was the descendant of the Ottoman empire that rules some of the Arab nations.

By going through the history and studying the events we can see the mistakes being repeated and not judge wrongly to realize the evil game the colonialist politicians are playing for their own greed.




Iran’s presence at UN Human Rights Committee

Iran’s presence at UN Human Rights Committee

One of the issues noted by observers, thinkers and public opinion is the issue of human rights, specially in Iran. Therefore some international bodies supervise observance of human rights in different countries.

So, the UN Human Rights Committee UNHRC every four years reviews the situation of human rights in the committee members and calls on the member states to take serious actions. UNHRC as the committee observing International Covenant on Civil and Political rights ICCPR consists of 18 experts from different countries of the world whose main duty is to study the implementation of the treaty by the committee members and present advice for its better implementation. It is to be noted that the optional protocol of ICCPR was ratified on December 16, 1966. For access to the goals of the treaty, the protocol authorizes the member states to receive the complaints of the persons who claim to be victims of human rights violation and looks into it as it is explicated in the protocol.Human rights committee assigns its reporters to gather the information and news related to the situation of human rights in a specific country and put them at its disposal. Sometimes improper and unreal information are presented to reporters by biased and irresponsible individuals. Undoubtedly since the Islamic Republic of Iran, due to being religious and anti-hegemonic, has many enemies in the world and might be exposed to such charges. For instance, in this round of the UN Human rights committee’s meeting, the file of the Islamic Republic of Iran was discussed. The UN Human Rights special rapporteur Ahmad Shahid acknowledged that the report he had released on Iran’s human rights was superficial and had been prepared on the basis of the claims made by some opponents. He also acknowledged the report had been issued without visiting Iran and he just had reviewed the allegations which were made against Tehran.

It is interesting that the Islamic Republic of Iran took part in 103rd meeting of human rights committee at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland on October 17, 2011. As usual during the 2-day meeting, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s rotational report on implementation of ICCPR was discussed by expert members of the committee and they asked their questions from the Iranian delegation. What drew the attention of the participants were the illusive charges raised by the enemies of the Islamic Republic which could not be so documented and concrete. Most of the questions were deliberate attempts to damage the climate against Iran and to present a bleak picture of the Islamic Republic. The atmosphere of the meeting was politicized and some of the questions were actually prejudgments against Iran.

Fortunately the high-ranking Iranian delegation which consisted of credible researchers, experts and jurists and some MPs managed to answer the questions in the fields related to women, children and citizenship rights with reliable evidence and documents and made many members of the committee aware of the facts going on in Iran.

The deputy secretary of Iran human rights headquarters Dr. Khosrow Hakimi who had taken part at the UN human rights committee pointed out to the formation of the headquarters in Iran and considered it a serious sign of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s attention to the subject.

In response to questions on the coordination between constitutions and ICCPR, Dr. Hakimi said, “Iran as a founding member of the United Nations supports development of international principles, laws and covenant in the constitution and has found a real and long term solution for protecting human rights through legal reforms to upgrade human rights.”

He further explained the measures carried out in law reform in Iran and referred to measures including reforming bills on supporting family, computer felonies, prevention of crimes, Islamic punishment law, juvenile delinquency and so on.

Dr. Hakimi elaborated on the international measures by the Islamic Republic system to upgrade the level of Iran’s human rights and mentioned cases such as inviting reporters to visit Iran, holding a specialized human rights meeting with the technical cooperation of the UN High Commissioner office, holding human rights talks with other countries, cooperation with human rights council and dispatching different delegations to Geneva to take part in the rotational meeting of human rights council.

In response to the question on the condition of religious and ethnic minorities, Hakimi stated, “Iranian society is one of the successful examples of co-existence among different groups each of which enjoys different traditions, customs and a distinct dialect or language.

The head of Iran’s Majlis National Security Commission Mrs. Zohreh Elahiyan, in reply to the question on the situation of women’s rights and equality between man and woman in the Islamic Republic of Iran said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran’s policy and the views of Muslim thinkers are based on equality of rights between a man and a woman at high level and this does not mean similarity in details. But we believe that the difference between a man and a woman in creation has been taken into consideration for the formation of family and bringing up generation.

That’s why in Islam special rights have been assigned for women as mothers and wives.” Elahiyan added, “According to some Islamic narrations, a woman is the head of family and the woman’s status in family has been completely observed.” She added, “We witness the speedy progress of women to gain access to their rights in political, social and family fields. Now, over 70 percent of university students are female. 70 percent of specialists in medical fields are also female. Over the past 30 years women have had spectacular growth in social activities one of which being presence in the NGOs.

Mrs. Ibrahimi, the official in charge of the center for the affairs of women and family affiliated to the presidential palace, was another member of the Iranian delegation who answered the questions of the committee members regarding working of women in Iran. She said,

Iran presence at UN Human Rights Committee

“One of the Islamic Republic’s basic measures regarding women is their presence in decision-making positions. Appointment of women for managerial posts is one of the Islamic Republic’s measures. Another measure is the ratification of laws which urge all organs to employ capable women and pave the ground for their upgrading.” Mrs. Ibrahimi pointed out to the jobs which are administered by women and said, “Now key posts and high-ranking posts like vice-presidency have all been predicted for women. Presently women are active in positions like advisors of women’s affairs for all ministries, educational deputies, research management etc. Now there are eight female MPs in the Iranian Islamic Majlis (parliament). For the first time in Iran, 4 women have been elected as the cabinet members.”

The head of the UN Human Rights Committee thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran’s high-ranking delegation for its presence and logical and reasonable answers in this meeting; and considered the measure as an indication of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s determination for more upgrading of human rights.

It is to be noted that in addition to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s official delegation, a number of Iranian NGOs especially those engaged in women’s rights had attended the meeting of Iran’s human rights committee. One of them was the center of peace advocates representing 20 NGOs of women and families. The secretary general of this non-governmental organization, Dr. Susan Safaverdi, on the sidelines of the meeting embarked on negotiation and exchange of views and explained the progress of women in the Islamic Republic of Iran in various fields. She presented to the human rights committee a statement on upgrading women in different scientific, social, political and social arenas representing 20 Iranian NGOs working on women and families.

Eleven governments and about four decades of attack

Eleven governments and about four decades of attack

The adventure of the governments after the Revolution is a strange story with no end contrary to all stories. If we consider the attack on the three first governments influenced by the foreign and newly-founded currents of the Revolution, we should regard the attack on the next governments mostly influenced by the foreign currents.

The fact that conspiracy has been organized for us is not an illusion, but if we disregard the contribution of domestic agents and consider others guilty for everything, we have created another kind of illusion, since, this assumption negates our role and influence on affairs, giving others a legend power.

We have an illusion that each elected government is sometimes right and left and accused of all types of inefficiency. In our culture, there is one zero and one hundred view, therefore, we have not learnt to see both positive and weak points. There are also more hostile criticism and accusation rather than gratefulness for the provided services. In addition, competitors in different arenas, blacken nonreligious systems to get their rivals out of the stage.

Eleven governments and about four decades of attack

By taking a glance at the history of the elected governments, what country blackens all their preceding governments in this way?

If all the elected governments have been involved in theft, two states can be imagined, either our structure is wrong so that the way to theft, embezzlement and betrayal is open for everybody or God forbid we are a … nation.

We cannot accept the second assumption because it involves us, therefore, the first assumption is more accepted.

In an immune and vaccinated, virus cannot easily penetrate. On the contrary, in an unhealthy structure, a healthy man can be debilitated in the long term in spite of his own resistance. The fact that we easily blacken each government shows the blackness of the structure as the result of the blackness of our mind manifested in the different stages of our life.